DulceMeals10The first Dulce retail store opened in Rink Street in Port Elizabeth in 1984, and because of its success the concept was franchised.

The first Dulce Café was franchised in 1987 in Port Elizabeth. All of our over 40 Dulce Café stores are currently franchised, and owned by owner / operator Franchisees. We are a long standing member of FASA , the South African Franchise Association. This is a very important consideration when considering purchasing a Franchise, in that the Franchisor should be a member, so that this gives the prospective Franchisee many protective controls.

If you are interested in Franchising a Dulce Cafe or another of our associated brands, please complete the application forms, read the procedural information and available site information.


Dulce Café – A Dulce Café is a typical Café-Coffee shop-restaurant trading out of 150 – 270 m2, and located in a range of sites such as malls, corporate HQ’s , private hospitals, airports and standalone sites. The menu will be extensive, and with waiter service to tables, thus labour costs are higher. A full retail section may accompany this café , as in the case at private hospitals.

DulceMeals9Espresso Bar – An espresso bar is a unit occupying 30 – 55 m2 , with an associated seating area of 15 – 60 m2. It has a lower turnkey set up cost of R800 K to R1.3 million. It is located in similar locations as the Café, but would be used where more retail and take away fare are expected, in smaller sites, possibly as a second store to an existing Café, where investment is limited by space or by turnover. A smaller simpler , more take away and ready prepared menu is the norm, and service could be more counter style rather than full waiter service. Services required may be less, with a smaller or limited kitchen .

Dulce Lite –  positioned between a Dulce Café and an espresso bar –  a smaller site, with a quicker menu, and a lower set up costing for niche applications.

Dulce Lite Café  

Smaller sites and smaller quicker menu, as above , but with a lower set up costing cost, between a Café and an espresso bar.

Espresso bar –  has a lower turnkey set up cost of R800 K to R1.3 million, depending on many variables of size, complexity of the retail section and stock levels, size of the menu and hence the equipment required in the kitchen.

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