Dulce Delights ladies team participate in the Sabie 4x day Mountain Bike Experience

On the 15th December the Dulce Delights ladies team participated in the Sabie 4x day Mountain Bike Experience.

“We were in unknown territory and had no idea what to expect, so it was decided get onto our bikes, ride and take it as it comes. It was an experience we will never forget. Lined up for the Prologue we were inundated for requests on cappuccinos, dbl espresso’s and caffeine injections and so it went on for 4 days, we were pointed out every morning with “here our coffee ladies” and every day we went out to meet mud, mud and did I mention mud. The climbs never stopped – we have never climbed for up to 18km at a time at gradients reaching 22% we have gradients in Jhb that take us up to max 12% so with other teams cheering on the ladies as we passed we managed to come in 3rd place every day giving us 3rd overall.

The recipe was the same every day, exhaustion, aching legs, unbelievable terrain with the most amazing views, drink and eat till we thought we would explode to fuel the bodies for the next day with the conclusion that we are truly blessed to be in such a gorgeous country and be proud of a brand that is recognized where ever we go.”

Well done to the Dulce Delights ladies team for taking 3rd place!

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